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Equipment List
Multiple, technically advanced, concurrent programming systems which support 25,000 devices with voltages from 5V down to 1.5V (Vdd).


  • Full vector and continuity tests up to 240 pins.
  • Compatible with existing socket modules.
    • Supports all device packages, including but not limited to : DIP , SDIP, PLCC, TSOP, SSOP, PCMCIA, SOIC, LCC, QFP, PQFP, PGA, SIMM, CSP, BGA, µBGA, TQFP, and TSSOP, EEPROM, Flash EPROM, Microcontrollers, PLD, CPLD, FPGA and antifuse.
  • Patented solution to guard against passing blank parts.
  • Supports device densities up to 4 Gbits.
  • S/W for serialization of devices.
  • Tape and Reel
  • Reballing and Lead Straightening

Process Flow

For quantities of 100 or less:

Step 1: Order receipt (Binary, Jedec, POF, and HEX...files via E-mail or Media)
Step 2: 1st Article delivery and verification
Step 3: Confirmation approval
Step 4: Complete Order Delivery

Average cycle time 2-3 days.

For quantities over 100: Allow 2-3 days more depending on volume.


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